1. This is the Gif I have waited for.

    This is the Gif I have waited for.

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Oxford at daybreak.


    Oxford at daybreak.

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Reblog, every time


    Reblog, every time

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She-Wolf of London (1946)


    She-Wolf of London (1946)

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    Tom Bagshaw

    om Bagshaw, Facebook

    Tom Bagshaw lives Bath, England, and works as a commercial illustrator. His personal work explore fantastical and mystic themes. The intricate style of painting he adopts sets it apart from his commerical portfolio.

    ‘Feminine beauty plays a large role in my work,’ he says, ‘but they are never frail damsels in distress. More often than not they’re strong, intriguing characters, with an air of mystery to them.’

    Bagshaw strikes a balanced tone by embellishing the dark and ghoulish elements with quirky and absurd details. For his commercial illustration he works under the pseudonym Mostlywanted. His clients include Saatchi & Saatchi, Sony, BBC, Kraft, GQ, Scholastic, and Random House.

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    Amazing New Airless Tires…………………….

    They have been testing that for several years now. Company was developing them for military application.

    Michelin Tires… Absolutely SCARY looking… but may be just the thing if the SHTF.

    These tires are made in South Carolina , USA.

    Radical new tire design by Michelin.

    The next generation of tires.

    These tires are airless and are scheduled to be out on the market very soon.

    Just think:

    A. no more air valves…
    B. no more air needed…
    C. no more repair kits…
    D. no more flats…

    These are actual pictures taken at the South Carolina plant of Michelin


    I need these one my jeep.

    Fascinating.  I wonder what the difference in cost is overall.

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  12. vanfullersublime:

    Sarah On Blue #2

    This is my second collaboration with Sarah Voss.

    The subject matter, composition and tone of quiet melancholy were inspired by Edward Hopper, though the (mostly blue) color scheme steers toward expressionism.

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  13. vintagegal:

Prior’s Porch, Ely Cathedral, photographed by Roger Fenton c. 1858


    Prior’s Porch, Ely Cathedral, photographed by Roger Fenton c. 1858

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